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For a mixer grinder, which type of motor do we use?

For a mixer grinder, we use UNIVERSAL MOTOR. This motor is employed in other home appliances too like refrigerators, fans, etc. The universal motor is an electrical motor that may care for either AC or DC power and uses an electromagnet as its stator to form the field. it's been characterized to possess higher power output with the smaller size and starting torque to be high at a lower speed and may carry high loads. The motor of the merchandise decides whether the mixer grinder are going to be an honest choice for you or not. For a perfect Indian home kitchen, where the traditional grinding is finished on a daily basis, a mixer grinder with a motor of 750 Watts would be sufficient. Choosing a higher-powered motor can have higher noise and vibrations, which can not be a decent choice for home kitchens. The power of the motor determines the load which might be handled in an exceedingly mixer grinder. Preethi Indian Mixer Grinder In United Kingdom

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