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About Us


At Topsail Appliances Pvt Ltd., we simplify lives. We offer the most innovative and highly functional mixers and grinders, to our customers that not only make the cooking process convenient and enjoyable, but also upgrade the look and feel of the kitchen. With our knowledge and experience of the retail industry, we offer these products with international approvals at the best prices.

Topsail Appliances Pvt Ltd has come a long way since its inception around 5 years back. Since our humble beginning in 2021, our passion to innovate and achieve higher has transformed the small company into one of the trusted manufacturers and exporters of mixer grinders. We credit our success to our talented and dedicated workforce and our trustworthy, quality-conscious partners and suppliers.

We have chosen to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the worlds most reputable home appliances importers & distributors. Today, Topsail Appliances Pvt Ltd is a leading Indian OEM manufacturer of mixers and grinders.


To provide high-quality appliances to our customers through continuous innovation in the design, development, and marketing of home appliances.

* To become the most valued company for our suppliers and partners by helping their products reach new, high-potential markets


When you choose to work with TIM Industries Limited, you choose to work with a company that is passionate about making the lives of its end-users easier and more convenient by offering them innovative home appliances. You choose to work with a company that aims to revolutionize the home appliance industry with its high-performance products. You choose to work with a company that has a sound understanding and extensive experience of fulfilling needs of overseas buyers. And, most of all, you choose to work with a company that doesn’t just sell brands, but creates value and builds long lasting partnerships


Topsail Appliances Pvt Ltd fully subscribes to its vision of becoming the worlds number one mixers and grinders manufacturer and exporter. In particular, we envision to:

* Lead the local and international home appliances industry by offering the most innovative products to overseas importers and end-users.

* Offer a 360 degree turnkey solution to overseas importers looking to import premium-quality home appliances.

* Keep developing new products that simplify the routines and add value to the life of our end-user.

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